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“Do you know the principle behind how the world goes round? The principle that makes the sunrise and spring come.”

Real name: Park Doochil.

Heis leads the character who makes his way through the ups and downs of Korean history in the early 1960s. He is also someone who remains hidden in the background during this time. He strives to uphold particular rules by any means necessary: ensuring that his people eat three meals a day, even during wartime. Therefore, he is an unpredictable man who, at times, can be frightening, servile, amusing, and occasionally affable.

Shepherd nurtures and raises many young people to help them survive in a harsh world. “Uncle Shepherd never lets his people starve.” Along with this inviolable rule, Shepherd has the uncanny ability to instill a sense of trust and create a bond among people regardless of their age, background, or social status. Shepherd is necessary for the benefit of everyone.

Although he does whatever it takes to get what he wants, he is always genuine in his ways. He genuinely despises people, gets genuinely furious, but also genuinely rejoices with all his heart. And he most genuinely adores “Kim San.”

Shepherd does not hesitate to get his hands dirty to help Sansucceed. Sanis suspicious and wary of him, but the shepherd watches over himtothevery end.


“There’s one thing I’ve learned from history. It’s that I must continue to question myself.”

KimSanis former Albright scholar. Albright Foundation scholarship is considered to be the most elite among all scholarships. He was also the best student at the Korean Military Academy, but he chose to become an economic bureaucrat instead of a military officer.

While in America, Sanwitnesses the nation’s abundance and dreams of Korea becoming an industrialized country as well. However, it is not easy to achieve this dream considering the current state of Korea. Society is filled with corruption, the political system is in disarray, and the military is suffering because of factionalism.

San dreams of making a difference in the Korean economy as a government official, but reality makes it seem hopeless. Then Shepherd approaches him. Shepherd tells San that he shares the same dream and that he can help Sanachieve that dream. San is suspicious of Shepherd, who lavishly showers him with affection. Yet, San also develops a sense of fondness towards Shepherd.

Shepherd continues to lead Santo to greater heights. His storybook-like promises of helping San become minister, prime minister, and even president begin to come to fruition. However, the more San succeeds, the more Shepherd’s followers try to pull them apart.

In the spring of1961, there is a military coup. In the end, Sanchooses to turn his back shepherd

faith and affection.




  • ‘First Win’ (2022)
  • ‘Cobweb’ (2022) / Script, Co-produce
  • ‘Cassiopeia’ (2022)
  • ”Roman 8:37′ (2017)
  • ”Dongju’ (2016) / Script, Produce
  • ‘Delusionists’ (2015)
  • ‘Listen My Song’ (2015)
  • ‘Like a French Movie’ (2015)
  • ‘The Avian Kind’ (2014)
  • ‘The Perfect Way to Steal a Dog’ (2014) / Script
  • ‘Actor is an Actor’ (2013)
  • ‘Russian Novel’ (2012)






In the early 1960s, social turmoil in Korea reaches its peak.

Shepherd plays a crucial role in a secret society of businessmen called the Blue Brotherhood. Within this group of elite businessmen, Shepherd is usually charged with carrying out dark and dirty deeds. His primary responsibilities include lobbying as well as planning and processing business interests. Shepherd plays an integral part in fulfilling the Blue Brotherhood’s desire to appear respectable and elegant.

During a political rally, Shepherd encounters San, who works for the National Reconstruction Department in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He observes San giving a rousing speech and suggests that San pursue a new career as a political leader. Shepherd promises to deliver on anything that San desires.

San turns down Shepherd’s offer, but Shepherd refuses to give up. He somehow dissolves the National Reconstruction Department in order to make San come to him. San begins to open up to Shepherd, who continues to treat San with the utmost care.

Shepherd then begins to help San in earnest. He puts San in the spotlight by portraying him as a fighter against corrupt vested power. As public sentiment grows against such corrupt power, so does San’s political presence. Because of this, San’s trust and faith in Shepherd grows. However, San also begins to feel a sense of doubt and suspicion towards Shepherd.

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