1. KBS Queen For Seven Days

    Written by: Choi Jinyoung

    Directed by: Lee Jungsub

  2. KBS Radio Romance

    Written by: Jeon Yuri

    Directed by: Moon Junha, Hwang Seungki

  3. KBS Okranmyeonok

    Korea Communications Standards Commission ‘September Good Program Award' winner

    Written by: Cho Yong

    Directed by: Kim Junghyun

  4. JTBC Clean With Passion For Now

    Written by: Han Heejeong

    Directed by: No Jongchan

  5. KBS "My Fellow Citizens!"

    Written by: Han Junghoon

    Directed by: Kim Junghyun

  6. TV Chosun Take Revenge

    Written by: Kim Hyojin

    Directed by: Kang Mingu, Lee Kyungsik

  7. OCN Times

    Written by: Lee Saebom, An Hyejin

    Directed by: Yoon Jongho

  8. KBS Youth of May

    Written by: Lee Kang

    Directed by: Song Minyeop, Lee Daekyung

  9. KBS, Netflix The King’s Affection

    Written by: Han Heejeong

    Directed by: Song Hyeonuk, Lee Hyunseok

  10. tvN Hometown

    Written by: Joo Sin 

    Directed by: Park Hyunseok

  11. Disney+ Grid

    Written by: Lee Sooyeon

    Directed by: Lee Khan

  12. KBS Crazy Love

    Written by: Kim Bokyum

    Directed by: Kim Junghyun

  13. Disney+ Kiss Sixth Sense

    Written by: Jeon Yuri 

    Directed by: Nam Gihun

  14. TVN LINK

    Written by: Kwon Kiyoung, Kwon Dohwan

    Directed by: Hong Jongchan

Arc Media

About Us

Established in 2019 with a mission to create K-Drama TV series that are both critically acclaimed and commercially successful, ARC Media has rapidly grown to become the largest independent drama production studio in Korea.

Leveraging our deep experience in and understanding of the full development and production process for K-Drama TV series, ARC Media has successfully produced and delivered to the global audience over 10 TV series over the last 24 months, within many more new shows currently in the pre-production and production stages.

ARC Media differentiates itself across all aspects of K-Drama TV series production, from discovering and developing up-and-coming screenwriters and directors, identifying and securing best-selling webtoons and webnovels for development into TV series format, the ability to self-finance the production of multiple TV drama series simultaneously, industry-leading project management capabilities, and most importantly, an unwavering commitment to creativity and quality.

We take pride in the relationships we have crafted with the Korean TV networks and global OTT platforms who have aired our TV dramas to the global audience, as well as the countless production partners and creative talent who work with us everyday across the production process.

ARC Media’s goal is to further expand the global reach of K-Drama TV series in all aspects – expanding our production and talent base globally, embedding global best-in-class production and project management systems, and transforming Korean storylines into shows that have global appeal. We invite you to watch us, and all current and future TV drama series, as we continue our journey into becoming a truly global media group.


Production & Talent

Distribution & Licensing

Investments & New Media



Production of K-Drama TV series including full scope of project development & management, financing, pre-production, production and post-production - Discovery and talent development of up-and-coming screenwriters and directors



Global distribution and licensing of IP rights based on in-house produced K-Drama TV series - Secondary/value-add business development of in-house produced K-Drama TV series



- Acquisition and licensing of third-party domestic and global IP - Short-form content production, MCN business, other OTT related businesses

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