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Emilia Chaplin

as Maria Lopez

Stuart Laine

as Ted Lopez

Emilly Curtis

as Anne Ferrara

Omar Merro

as John Amsty


In the early 1960s, social turmoil in Korea reaches its peak.

Shepherd plays a crucial role in a secret society of businessmen called the Blue Brotherhood. Within this group of elite businessmen, Shepherd is usually charged with carrying out dark and dirty deeds. His primary responsibilities include lobbying as well as planning and processing business interests. Shepherd plays an integral part in fulfilling the Blue Brotherhood’s desire to appear respectable and elegant.

During a political rally, Shepherd encounters San, who works for the National Reconstruction Department in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He observes San giving a rousing speech and suggests that San pursue a new career as a political leader. Shepherd promises to deliver on anything that San desires.

San turns down Shepherd’s offer, but Shepherd refuses to give up. He somehow dissolves the National Reconstruction Department in order to make San come to him. San begins to open up to Shepherd, who continues to treat San with the utmost care.

Shepherd then begins to help San in earnest. He puts San in the spotlight by portraying him as a fighter against corrupt vested power. As public sentiment grows against such corrupt power, so does San’s political presence. Because of this, San’s trust and faith in Shepherd grows. However, San also begins to feel a sense of doubt and suspicion towards Shepherd.